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Interested in working in gamedev? Please, contact us in any way - email ([email protected]) or phone (+371 29254345). Currently our office is located in Riga, Latvia. Also you can work remotely (as outsource).

We have positions available in the following areas:


Intern or Senior Content Designer

Content designers are people, who fills game with levels, art, sounds, texts and other content to entertain player. We are looking for creative people who like to create:

  • Scenes or maps in level editors;
  • Special effects using particle systems;
  • Tutorials;
  • Quests;
  • Integrate art into project;
  • Combine and reuse assets go gain best visual appearance;
  • Search for music and sounds;

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Game Design

Game Designer

We are looking for genius game designers with great instincts and creative flair, who:

  • Can create game concept document
  • Has ability to analyse game rules
  • Can create formal tasks to content designers and programmers and check them
  • Ability to calculate game balance
  • Monetization integration skills
  • Shipped a mobile title previously (highly desirable, not essential)
  • Any playable games, mods, level designs, prototypes or anything else that you think will show us just how skilled and creative you are. If there is nothing for us to play, we can’t tell just how good you are!
  • Flash or other prototyping experience as a plus

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Senior Programmer

We are seeking programmers with game development experiance. It will be great, if you have one of the following:

  • High coding skills in any language
  • Game development experience in Unity3D


  • Design scalable project structure
  • Ability to solve problems by own
  • Check performance and binary size
  • Avoid indiancode (shit-code)
  • Reuse already available code
  • Take care about designers - create level editors

We really appreciate a personalised cover letter outlining your passion for games and your interest in MadSword Studios.

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We are looking for people who dream to work in the gaming industry, but has not special development skills. Such people:

  • Are passionate about games.
  • Have a great brain and are sharp, smart and well thought out.
  • Have great communication skills.
  • Has great English and Russian skills
  • Are responsible

We can offer some tasks, that are not related to the programming and design, so that person can get into game development process in professional team.

Some of the possible tasks for this position:

  • Keep forum.
  • Management of group in social network.
  • Prepare forum themes corresponding to the example
  • Post news to facebook/twitter/website/etc.
  • Raise game ratings.
  • Search for gaming sites and post reviews.
  • Reply to comments in GooglePlay.
  • Create content for wikipedia about our games.
  • Check and translate English/Russian texts.
  • Build games for different platforms
  • Check game for bugs

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