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Partnership | Game Development Outsource

MadSword Studios is a global developer of free-to-play games for mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon), social (Facebook,,, PC and other platforms.

Our team has experience creating casual, mid-core, social, cross-platform, multiplayer, KPI-driven games.

We are not only making our own games but also provide game development services.


The main competencies of our in-house team:

Full cycle of game production -- from analyzing the market, identifying trends, selecting setting/genre, developing the concept and creating a Game Design Document to user experience-based polishing, fine-tuning the monetization model, and updating content and mechanics.

Cross-platform apps, game engine development, performance optimization, analytics systems, payment systems integration, game server development.

3D modeling, animation, LOD. 2D backgrounds, characters, maps, animation. UI art and programming.

You can get in touch with us via email[email protected] or phone (+371 29254345.